Hello! I’m a DevOps & Cloud Engineer with ❤️ for everything 0 & 1 related.

Rich expertise gained during 14+ years mixed of developing software, touching the Ops world, agile DevOps culture, automation, team-leading, public & private clouds engineering, consulting, training, packaging, architecting deployments and wearing many other hats in software startups, SMB & corporations. On-site & fully remote experience. Cloud & on-premise. Independent & people person.

If you are a fresh startup, an established company or just prototyping your new cool product and searching for help with anything DevOps, Cloud or Product related or just want to get in touch, email me at hello@juniq.net or contact me on any of the linked services. I’ll be glad to work with you remotely or on-site to pursue your dreams. Based in Slovakia/Europe, however, flexible and experienced traveller after visiting more than 60 countries and counting.

All the words here are mine.

See you!

Stano Bočinec | junIQ